In November 2021, as a collective of a dozen people, we started our activities by cooking together, supporting each other in learning Polish, and solving legal problems. Two years ago we started dreaming of our own restaurant and social center. Now, we are one step away from fulfilling our dream! Today, there are more than 60 cooperative members from 15 different countries. Since March 2022, we have created 40 new jobs for refugees from Ukraine, Belarus, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Nigeria, Russia, Syria and Chechnya. We are building a community based on solidarity, acceptance, mutual support, and we share resources. We are learning how to make decisions collectively and equally, how to share responsibility, build self-agency and subjectivity.One of our most important missions is to create secure jobs for people who are excluded from the labor market. We work under employment contracts. We respect and value the contribution of each person working in the cooperative, which is why the difference between the lowest and highest salaries is only 20%. We give everyone access to medical care and have organized finance training for team members. We have also introduced menstrual leave. Furthermore, people with migrant experience can benefit from free legal support and the help of assistants who support not only in dealing with official matters, but also finding housing, making medical appointments, arranging interpreters, or addressing cases of discrimination.


The focus of our business is on food sales. You can order catering from us, order food via delivery platforms from our kitchen in Wyględów, as well as drop by for lunch to our Słuszna Bistro at Al. Armii Ludowej 12. During the summer months, we are happy to serve you our favorite street food at Barka, next to Plac Zabaw on the Vistula River. But the biggest news – we are currently looking for aspot for a restaurant where we will be able to host you throughout the week. We can’t wait to see you there. 

In 2022, we were the food supplier for the Transit Center for refugees from Ukraine, run by the Norwegian Refugee Council. We also prepared meals for refugees on behalf of the Polish Hospitality Foundation, the Mokotów Help Center and the Cinematography Development Foundation. We also provided meals for refugees in the form of non-profit humanitarian help – primarily in partnership with Mercy Corps. Thanks to this partnership andsupport from the city of Warsaw, Słuszna Bistro at al. Armii Ludowej 12 was born. Up to 150 people, including those from our local community, have been coming here five days a week for almost a year. This place is not only a kitchen, but a meeting place that provides psychosocial support. What’s more, the assistance we offer goes far beyond cooking food: we offer legal assistance and social assistants, language classes, we run support groups for people forced into migration, and soon we will start hosting integration events.