We are giving you this guide because we want every person to be treated with dignity and respect and feel safe in the workplace.

We are a social cooperative called Słuszna Strawa, created by and for people with migration experience. We’ve opened the cooperative because we wanted to feel safe on the labor market, to have stable employment and decent wages. We’re building a community based on solidarity, acceptance, mutual support and resource sharing. We care about building a fair world for everyone and want for every person to be able to participate in its construction. We know what difficulties one might come across when trying to find their way in the labor market of another country, which is why we are sharing the knowledge we have managed to acquire.

Of course, we are not able to cover all issues in such a small publication, therefore in the end we include a list of organizations that you can reach out to for information and support.

In the publication, we cover the following topics:

  1. Contacts and their types
    – Employment contract (umowa o pracę)
    – Madate contract (umowa zlecenia)
    – Other contracts
    – Illegal work
    – Minimum wage
    – Gross, net, gross gross?
  2. When the employer doesn’t play fair: Frequent cases of violation of employee rights
  3. What can I do?
    – Trade union
    – National Labour Inspectorate
    – Labor Court
  4. Contact database

Treat this zine as a tool that will help you safely navigate Polish labor market and be aware of how to assert your rights. We believe that together we can take care of each other’s needs and support each other in mutual action towards a better work culture.