We want to share the flavors that are close to our hearts. At Słuszna Strawa, we prepare vegan food using homemade recipes, which are part of our best memories of the places we had to leave.


The kitchen, located at 4/6 Żuławskiego Street, has been the beating heart of our cooperative from the very beginning. We are happy to invite you there to pick up delicious dishes from around the world! Our regular menu includes sambusas, fatayers, kibbe and other tasty treats which you may already be familiar with. Additionally, we offer a different lunch every day, complete with soup and the dish of the day. You can find the updated lunch menu daily on our social media.

The kitchen welcomes you from Monday till Saturday from 12pm till 7pm.

And if our kitchen is out of your way, you can also order delivery via Bolt or Wolt!

Słuszna Bistro

You can also try our dishes at the City Center, at 12 Armii Ludowej Street.

Previously, at this address, we implemented the “Longer Table” program, about which you can read more in the We help tab. Now you can drop by the bistro for coffee, manaqish, falafel – or a sweet roll from Lewandi! Besides, you will find a different lunch daily on the menu.

The bistro is open everyday, 8am-5pm during weekdays and 12pm-8pm during weekends.

You can also order goodies from Słuszna Bistro with delivery via Wolt.


We also cook at ROZANA restaurant on Poznańska 5/2!

We invite you there to try a new version of our dishes, accompanied by Arabic coffee and yerba mate. ROZANA’s menu also includes lunches, different from those served at the Bistro or Kitchen.

The restaurant is open Monday-Saturday from 12:30-6:30 pm.


Słuszna Strawa at BarKa

During the summer season, look for us at BarKa!

There we serve our famous shawarma, falafel and delicious fries. If you get hungry walking along the Vistula shore, you know where to find the best vegan food!

More information about the 2024 season coming soon.


The authenticity and high quality of the food is ensured by our experienced chefs: Maysoon and Mayada (Middle Eastern cuisine), Mebrat (Eritrean cuisine),  Anu (Indian cuisine), Vlad (Ukrainian cuisine).


Dishes that do not have wheat flour or gluten in their ingredients are marked with the [gf] symbol. However, all of our dishes may contain traces of gluten and soy. We use a lot of flour in the kitchen, as well as gluten to make seitan. We therefore recommend not ordering our food for people with severe gluten allergies. In some cases, we can change the ingredients of dishes to remove allergens. If you have any special requests, please send your inquiry by email to catering@strawa.org

Our phone number: +48 889 822 346