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From the very beginning of the cooperative, we have tried to provide assistance to our members with residence card applications, visas for family members, access to medical care, finding housing and other challenges faced by people experiencing migration. In March2022, we started partnering with the international humanitarian organization Mercy Corps.

The first mini-grant we received from them was used in its entirety on food products for meals for refugees arriving in Poland at that time. In the following months, we expanded our scope of business. In addition to the hundreds of meals we delivered to hostels and community centers, we started building internal structures to provide other forms of support. Bringing together our areas of expertise, we created a team of assistants, provided access to legal assistance and focused on creating a place that will serve a wider function than just a kitchen. Since mid-August, Słuszna Bistro at al. Armii Ludowej 12 has been hosting 100-150 people every day. These are often seniors from Ukraine who not only enjoy vegan food (based on their feedback, a vegan diet has had a great impact on their health), but also love the opportunity to meet other people, participate in language classes, support groups, celebrate holidays together or the possibility to obtain advice from an assistant on site. This year, we also managed to launch a project financed by the Norwegian Refugee Council that focuses on expanding access to information, providing advice and support in dealing with official matters, as well as creating educational and integration activities.

from our assistants


We currently have limited capacity to provide pro bono advice. We would like to inform you that we can be contacted on a commercial basis.

Examples of prices for services:

Consultation from 150 PLN.

Prices are brutto.

Legalization of residence - from PLN 700

Temporary residence
Permanent residence
Long-term residence
International protection
Travel document

Assistance in filling in applications
Assistance in filing appeals, requests, applications
Assistance in obtaining a PESEL number
Issues related to profil zaufany
Assistance in replacing a driving license with a Polish
Civil registry offices
Location of vital records
Marriage certificates and copies of birth certificates

Creation of a patient portal
Assistance in finding doctors and making appointments with specialists (NFZ)
Assistance with doctor’s visits, if necessary
Disability certificates
Assistance with filling in documents
Help with medical records
Assistance with applications

Assistance with enrolling in nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and vocational courses.

Support in writing a CV (Curriculum Vitae)
Covering letter / motivation letter to employer

Starting your own business
Calculation of taxes – PiTy
Power of attorney to receive documents
Assistance with applications: 500+ (800+), additional service in ZUS, translation 

Our assistants speak Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian. If necessary, we can provide Arabic and other translations.

Social assistants help with:

– Matters related to the legalisation of residency
– Preparation, clarification of documents and completion of official forms
– Translation of verbal and written documents where foreign language document authentication is not required
– Getting acquainted with the Polish health care system and making an appointment with a doctor
– Finding information about the benefits you are entitled to, including financial ones
– Obtaining legal advice
– Looking for a nursery, kindergarten, school to enroll children
– Referrals to specific organizations/institutions in the case of matters beyond those mentioned above (includes contact with organizations that distribute food vouchers)
– In special and necessary cases, accompanying members to administrative offices, the doctor, or educational institutions (determined on an individual basis with the available socialassistant)

Assistant working hours:

Office (Mazowiecka 11):
Weekdays 9.00 – 15.00

Registration is required at Mazowiecka, please contact us at: or +48 888 011 119


From October 2022 to September 2023, Słuszna Strawa organized Polish and English language courses for people with migration experience. Our aim is to provide effective Polish language training for integration into Polish-speaking society and to support personal and professional development. The aim of teaching English is to improve skills and facilitate employment. Regular classes were held in small groups of several people in a friendly atmosphere. The classes were taught by teachers who also had experience of migration. The Polish and English classes are currently suspended. market. Regular lessons are held in small groups of a few people in a friendly atmosphere. Classes are also conducted by teachers with migrant experience.


From November 2022 to July 2023 we organised support groups for women from Ukraine. During the meetings with a psychologist, the participants had the opportunity to “talk through” the current difficulties they are facing when trying to organise their lives in Poland. They also practised specific exercises to help them cope with stress and difficult emotions. The psychological support programme has now been completed.